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broadhead tip

When you’re committed to building the strongest, best flying replaceable blade broadhead on the market, you’d better start from a solid foundation.

Even when you strip an Innerloc® Broadhead to the bone, you’re left with something pretty imposing. A solid shaft of tempered stainless steel. A shaft that threads into the base of the ferrule...back there where all the arrows energy is transferred into the broadhead. The Innerloc® tip conducts that energy forward through solid steel, and delivers a knockout punch with more efficiency, more power and more bone-busting impact. The difference is similar to trying to drive a nail through a piece of lumber while you’re holding the board in your hand. The jolt you feel every time the hammer strikes is lost energy. Everything shakes...and the nail won’t drive. Now put the lumber on a solid base and strike again. There’s no comparison.

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