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cutaway broadhead and bladesThree keys to inner

#1:The matching bevels at the top of the ferrule and inside the edge of the tip create a “clamping” action when the tip is tightened. The tip, blades and ferrule are forced together so tightly they perform much like solid metal.

#2: The blades (red areas show how parts mate when assembled) are “L”-shaped for unmatched strength and the base of the “L” is curved to lay perfectly against the round shaft of the tip. Metal to metal contact top to bottom!

#3: The heart of the Center Locking System™ is the Tip. By extending it throughout the length of the broadhead body, Innerloc can thread the tip into the base.This is the strongest area of the entire broadhead and securing the tip at this point transfers a walloping amount of arrow energy on impact!

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