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broadhead loosenLoosen the tip
Slide the triangle shape of the supplied wrench over the point of the tip. Carefully loosen the tip.

  broadhead unscrew

Unscrew the tip
The tip can now be turned counter clockwise to disengage the threads.

  broadhead remove

Remove the tip
Slide the tip out of the front of the body. Note the way the blades wrap around to create room for the tip to slide in and out.

  broadhead take out blade

Take out the blades
One at a time slide the blades out of the front of the body. See the way the blades "L" shaped flange is located within the hole of the body.


broadhead reinstall sharp bladeReinstall sharp blades
You can now install new sharp blades by following the steps above in reverse order.

" IMPORTANT TIP" With Innerlocs'® front loading design and Center Locking System™ you can change the blades without removing the broadhead body from the arrow. This means you won't de-tune the broadhead to arrow union assuring continued accurate flight with the new blades.

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