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Cliploc™ confidence, preprogrammed
control of blade openings without the
use of rubber-bands or o-rings

expandable broadhead clipexpandable broadheadsAt the heart of the InnerlocEXP® you will find a tiny spring clip that carries out three major functions. It is a pivot point for the blades to rotate "A" (below), a clipping point or catch to hold things together ("B"), and finally it provides a small amount of spring tension that interacts with a "cam" on the blades ("C").

Pre programmed?

The EXP sets a new standard in mechanical head reliability. This is done by controlling how much tension is applied to the blade at different points along its rotation. By varying the amount of pressure required to open the blades along three key points, we achieve reliability that is not possible with elastic or rubber parts. (This is done by building a "cam" into the blades). With thousands of shots and thousands of hours of cam and clip development, we have optimized the way expandable broadheads open. With this level of blade control, it’s possible for a mechanical broadhead to not open prematurely when being fired from the highest of performance equipment, yet still open with great efficiency upon impact. Our stainless components won’t deteriorate with age or become stiff on very cold mornings like rubber bands and o–rings do.

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