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expandable broadheads with 2 cut diametersWith the EXP's options, it's like having multiple broadheads attached to your arrow!

We've left nothing on the shelf when designing the EXP. By reversing the stop collar (located at the base of the broadhead) you can choose between two separate cutting diameters. The deep penetrating 1 1/8" diameter or the wide slicing 1 7/16" diameter. The smaller cutting circle and swept back blades allows the head to penetrate more like a fixed-blade head. While the large cutting circle does a maximum amount of damage on pass-thru. Use the small size for lower poundage bows or for very large game, or the large size if you have no worries about penatration.The InnerlocEXP® gives you a choice.

Shoot them opened if you want.
he advanced Cliploc™ design allows you to shoot the broadhead with the blades open. Shoot thru a turkey blind or have more confidence on angling shots, Just pull the blades open and they will stay that way.

practice blade logobroadhead with practice blades

Save your targets.
Practice blades are available so you can save your sharp blades, and your targets too.

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