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  mechanical broadhead remove cliploc

Remove Cliploc
Using the tool supplied push the end of the Cliploc™ pin out through the hole into the blade and out the opposite side of the ferrule.

  open on impact remove blade

Remove Old Blade
Lift out and discard the old blades in a safe manner (we recommend placing the blades in a container and wrapping with tape). Repeat for all blades.

  test fit broadhead blade

Test Fit New Blade
Place new blade in position to make sure blade fits properly and channel in ferrule is clean and free of obstruction. Sharp edge of blade faces inward.

  replace cliploc  innerloc exp

Replace Cliploc™ to Secure Blade
Holding the broadhead as shown, place the longer leg of the Cliploc™ pin into the upper hole which will pass through the hole in the blade. Press gently with your thumb as you "wiggle" the blade. When the hole in the blade aligns with the pin, you will feel the pin "seat".

  innerloc exp lock clipoc

Lock Cliploc™ Into Position
Using the flat side of the tool, push firmly until the Cliploc™ "snaps" into position. The spring pressure needed to operate the blade will only occur when the Cliploc™ is fully seated in the groove.

  mechanical broadhead with blades closed

Final Position
When properly positioned, the Cliploc™ pin is flush with the surface of the ferrule and fully depressed into the groove as shown. Carefully open the close blade several times to assure smooth operation.

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