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Innerloc H2O friction tip

Solid technologies found only in Innerloc points, will allow you to fish more...
and fuss less.

Innerloc’s tip is an important part of a better bowfishing point. A sharper angle on the tip provides exceptional penetration at the point of first contact with scale. As the point passes through with barbs folded tightly to the body, it cuts a smaller, cleaner hole. The result is a “penny” sized hole, which leaves plenty of “firm” flesh to pull against after the large 2 3/4-inch diameter barbs open. In fact, Grapple Point barbs are fully engaged after the first 2.5” of penetration. Best of all, The Innerloc® tip solves the problem of tips vibrating loose in the boat by using a small vibration dampening “insert” in the tip to hold it securely to the body of the point and, because the barbs are built into the body attached to the arrow shaft, you never have to worry about tips unscrewing during retreive.

In the cutaway view on the right, see how the stud on the front of the body engages the bushing inside of the tip. This elimantes loose and lost tips, a problem that plagues lesser model points. Graple friction tip cutaway
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