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Combine an Innerloc H2O point with our "MAX" arrow...
and you will get "stunning" Performance.

Match your Innerloc® points with our premium bowfishing arrows for a winning combination. H2O™ Innerloc® arrows are manufactured to the straightest tolerances out of the very best resins. All Max arrows easily accept safety slides, just place slide over nock and screw stop into pre-drilled hole.
Glow-MAX arrows
Glow MAX™: Introducing our revolutionary glow in the dark arrow. This premium arrow will change night-time bowfishing forever. Now you can easily track your shot, see your fish or see to retrieve after a miss without relying on the boat's lights. 5/16 dia.
Glass-MAX arrows
Glass MAX™: A versatile, premium grade arrow suitable for all fish. 5/16 dia.
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