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Innerloc H2O products...
Will help you hit and retrieve more fish.

Face it... Everyone misses fish, but you will miss far less with accurate equipment. Other lesser quality points and arrows hit the water and plane in a direction other then to the target. This is not always detected by the shooter but often causes a good shot to miss its mark. Our H2O line solves this problem by coupling straight shafts to quality points that were designed for optimum underwater accuracy. After the H2O arrow is released, the barbs snap back by acceleration and remain there until the arrow hits its target. With the barbs tightly against the body of the point, there is little to cause deflection especially on 3 barb models. The heavy mass of the grapple points cause proper arrow flight and increase penetration.
Innerloc H2O Bowfishing
You may be thinking that you don't shoot very deep and you can get by with a little bit of deflection. That is far from the truth, in fact a 10 yard shot at a fish that's only one foot deep causes your arrow to pass through 5 feet of water. Five feet is more then enough to change your point of impact. The people who get deep shots in clear water know how important underwater accuracy is.

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