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our heavy weight broadheads
2-Blade • 115 Gr.
Cut: 1 3⁄16”
Tip: #6556
Bld: #750-18ct
3-Blade • 125 Gr.
Cut: 1 3⁄16”
Tip: #6556
Bld: #750-18ct
4-Blade • 135 Gr.
Cut: 1 3⁄16”
Tip: #6556
Bld: #750-18ct
5-Blade • 145 Gr.
Cut: 1 3⁄16”
Tip: #6556
Bld: #750-18ct
replacement blades, tips and adapters for Innerloc broadheads
  #6106, 6136, 6206,
6216, 6236, 6256,
6506, 6556
#710-18ct, #720-18ct, #730-18ct, #750-18ct, #760-18ct  
100 grain broadhead with pcaPrecision Carbon Adapters (PCA) provide a smooth transition between Innerloc broadheads and carbon shafts. They improve flight dynamics and make target extraction easier. Precision turned of aircraft grade aluminum and anodized for toughness. Available in 6-pack or 100-pack .
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