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3D Gar Target

    Glow Unity
5/16 Dia.
Glass Unity
5/16 DIa.
  Glow Max
5/16 Dia.
Glass Max
5/16 DIa.
Innerloc H20 accessories
  Lighted Nock Adapters
Fits 5/16 shafts
2 Per Pkg. #801

lighted nock
1 Per Pkg. #802
AMS Safety Slides
Pkg. contains 2 sets
For 5/16 shafts #806
For 22/64 shafts #807

Roll Pins
For mounting
Innerloc points
5 Pk. #808



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Innerloc Gar Target
49" long and ultra realistic, made exclusively for Innerloc by Rinehart Pkg. incudes submersion kit #809